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The decision to enter therapy can be prompted by many different things. Whether you are trying to untangle old and restrictive patterns, seeking relief from depression or anxiety, working through grief or trauma, or wanting to deepen a relationship to your authentic self-- it can begin here.

Your therapy process will be unique to who you are. Some of the elements that I bring to our work will be an exploration of what you feel and how you express it, how your past experiences are influencing your present, and ​how those dynamics may show up in the therapy space, where we can slow them down and work with them. Curiosity, collaboration, and compassion will guide this work.


I practice psychoanalytic psychotherapy, influenced by post-modern feminist therapy and LGBTQIA+ affirmative therapy. As part of the LGBTQ community I have seen how intersecting systems of oppression affect individual and community mental health. One’s relationship to power via our social identities is present in all parts of our experience, and the therapeutic space is no exception. I am a white cisgender queer woman, and I bring consciousness of these aspects of my identity into our work together. My background includes work in the arts, in different narrative media, and the creative corporate world. I am licensed in California (CA MFT#132492).


I came to this work with an interest in bearing witness to human experience and development.

I believe that by gaining a deeper understanding of your self, and exploring the parts of your psyche that may have been hidden from awareness, you create the conditions for transformation. It is an honor to be in that process with you.

Education & Training

M.A. in Clinical Psychology, Antioch University

New Center for Psychoanalysis, Los Angeles, CA

Specialization in LGBT Affirmative Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy Affiliate Member; Faculty

New Center for Psychoanalysis, Los Angeles, CA

Adult Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Program

American Psychoanalytic Association

Psychotherapy Associate Member

The Maple Counseling Center, Los Angeles, CA

Adult Psychodynamic Training Program

California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists

Clinical Member

B.A., McGill University, Montréal, Québec

English Literature and Classics

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