As a child, nearly all of the things that engaged my interest and imagination, and fed my growing sense of self-understanding were tied back to narrative traditions. I devoured mythology and literature, became a storyteller, and delved into family histories through genealogical research and the recording of my family’s oral histories.

As a young adult, still centering narrative expression in my work, I began to explore the role of “witness” in photography, performance, writing, and community arts organizing.

My mother was an educator, clinician, and researcher in the field of psychiatric nursing. Her work made a great impact on me from a young age—demonstrating the role of the therapist as one who bears witness, and the transformational power of therapy.

In my personal and larger LGBTQ community I have seen how intersecting systems of oppression affect individual and community mental health. I’ve observed how the act of gathering together in ways designated for sharing of experience—whether artistic, social, or spiritual—can function as a tool for healing and connectedness.


As someone who has seen the real-life capability of therapy to impact family systems and individuals, I know that when applied in a therapeutic context, insightful exploration and examination has the power to heal, and that bearing witness is key to the facilitation of this process. These deeply-held beliefs are what brought me to the practice of psychotherapy.


I see individual adults, adolescents, couples (and other relationship forms), and families in my practice. My approach is psychodynamic, feminist post-modern, and trauma-informed. My experience includes working with anxiety, depression, life transition, LGBTQIA concerns, grief, death and dying, and personality disorders.


I am a postgraduate associate with a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University. My training includes contemporary psychodynamic supervision as well as trauma-informed supervision. I specialize in LGBTQ-Affirmative psychotherapy, with focus on issues specific to transgender, lesbian, bisexual, and gay clients, as well as clients in non-traditional relationship models.  

I am a Caucasian cisgender queer-identified woman, and I bring consciousness of these aspects of my identity into the therapeutic work.


  • MA Clinical Psychology
    Antioch University, Los Angeles, CA​

    • Specialization in LGBTQ+ Affirmative Psychotherapy​

  • BA English Literature and Classics
    McGill University, Montreal, Quebec​​


  • Registered Associate MFT #117570

  • Supervised by Noelle Wittliff LMFT #46396

Postgraduate Training

  • New Center for Psychoanalysis, Los Angeles

    • Adult Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Program 2020-present​

  • Maple Counseling Center

(213) 282-7025  |  alisonpicardtherapy@gmail.com

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