Together we will adopt a compassionate and curious lens to gently explore the factors that contribute to the way you experience the world. These factors may include events in your past and development, stressors in your present life, or the effect of living within societal structures that may not support your full and complex development.


Therapy offers an opportunity to practice, develop, and shift away from modes of being that no longer serve you. We will work together to develop new ways of responding and understanding situations in your life, complementing your intrinsic strengths and the set of tools you have already developed.

Being part of a regular therapeutic practice, even for a short time, can help develop one of the most lasting tools towards your development – deepening your relationship to your self and empowering you to feel able to engage with crises or challenges when they arise.


As a therapist, I bring a set of experiences and skills to our work together. My goal is to promote agency and empowerment in your life. As the patient, you bring your expertise in your own personhood. Together we will collaborate in a transformative relationship, which is the essence of the therapeutic process.


Individual Therapy

Adults, adolescents.


Affirmative psychotherapy considers how the effect of growing up and living in the world as an LGBTQIA person affects one’s emotional and psychological development, and brings that understanding into the therapeutic work. I believe that a person's LGBTQIA identity can be a gift and a privilege as much as it may have resulted in challenges in a person's life. An affirmative stance is an active stance, one that involves explicit inclusivity, and seeks out ongoing education, training, and awareness. As an LGBTQIA Affirmative therapist I offer a humble curiosity and desire to know how each client defines the facets of their individual identity, and what that experience has been.


Relationship Therapy

Partnerships including couples and other relationship forms.


Feminist therapy centers transparency, accountability, cultural humility, and strives to create an egalitarian environment. Feminist therapy understands that the personal is political, and prioritizes the perspective of the client. 


Psychodynamic therapy seeks to uncover and understand the unconscious processes that drive our patterns and behaviors. Relational psychotherapy utilizes the therapeutic relationship to put new insight into practice.


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